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Military Microgrids Market Potential, Projects and Profiles
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This report provides a guide to understanding military microgrids for service and technology providers, government contractors, and military installations

This report profiles major smart grids technology and service providers to the military. It acts as a solid start to planning a military microgrid design and installation, providing case studies of existing military microgrid systems.

America’s Defense Department is the largest single global consumer of petroleum, and its military operations comprise the largest demand for all forms of energy. And bases depend on aging transmission systems susceptible to cyber-terrorism and unreliability.

A microgrid is a smaller version of the Smart Grid that is localized to a particular area, so its potential use for military functions is vast. Similar to the function of the smart grid, a military microgrid is also expected to improve the energy efficiency and accelerate the integration of various renewable energy resources.

According to the Secretary of Defense, 40+ DoD military bases either have operating microgrids, planned microgrids, or have conducted studies of microgrid technologies.

This report analyzes the uses and development of the military microgrids. It begins with an overview microgrids and smart grids. It provides case studies of military installations already using micro smart grids successfully.

Companies profiled in this report include: Honeywell International, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Eaton Corp Plc, General Electric, Skybuilt Power, Sturman Industries, Sandia National Laboratories, and ZBB Energy Corporation.

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Pages: 100
Published: April 2015
Publisher: Red Mountain Insights
ISBN: 978-1-62484-014-2
Executive Summary 5
Emergence of the Smart Grid 7
Role of the Smart Grid for the Military 8
Understanding Microgrids 12
Characteristics of a Microgrid 15
Microgrid Benefits 16
Microgrid Challenges 18
DOD and Microgrids 23
DOD Renewable Energy Mandates 26
Department of Defense Fuel Use 32
Increase Fuel Efficiency to Increase Combat Effectiveness 33
Types of Military Microgrids 35
Stationary Base Microgrids 35
Mobile Microgrids 36
Microgrid Technologies 38
Vehicle to Grid 39
Case Studies 42
Net Zero Military Installations 42
U.S. Army Fort Bragg 48
Navy-USS Zumwalt 48
DOD-Improved Security 50
Sandia National Labs Energy Surety Microgrid 51
DOE-Test Bed-Smart Microgrids and Energy Storage 53
DoD- Energy Management Controls and Renewable Energy Integration 54
Technology 55
Benefits 55
DOD Development of Microgrids 56
Major Players 60
Arista Power 60
Boeing 62
Burns & McDonnell 65
Honeywell International 70
Lockheed Martin Corporation 74
Eaton Corp Plc 77
General Electric 79
Rolls-Royce 85
Skybuilt Power 93
Sturman Industries 94
Sandia National Laboratories 95
Tecogen Inc 96
ZBB Energy Corporation 97
Appendix 99
Arista Power
Burns & McDonnell
Department of Defense
Eaton Corp Plc
General Electric
Honeywell International
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Sandia National Laboratories
Sandia National Labs Energy Surety Microgrid
Skybuilt Power
Sturman Industries
Tecogen Inc
U.S. Army
ZBB Energy Corporation
Single User PDF -
Global License -
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