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3D Printing Market Potential: Changing the Face of Product Development, Sales and Manufacturing
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This report analyzes the potential of 3D printing technologies and market potential, and the various applications where 3D printing is currently being used. We profile 3-D printing applications in industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Healthcare, Automotive, and others.

By 2018, 3D printing of tissues and organs (bioprinting) will cause a global debate about regulating the technology or banning it for both human and nonhuman use.
By 2018, 3D printing will result in the loss of at least $100 billion per year in intellectual property globally.

The fundamental purpose of a 3D printer is to quickly transform an idea into a physical object. 3D printing technologies are creating a fundamental paradigm shift that will change how companies and individuals model prototypes, and the speed at which they can bring products to market.

In this report, you'll learn what industries and companies are already using 3D Printing, and how. It also profiles the commercial and consumer printers on the market, as well as online print-on-demand services.

The data in this report will help you and your firm identify market opportunities in all steps of the supply chain.

Pages: 100
Published: April 2015
Publisher: Red Mountain Insights
ISBN: 978-1-62484-034-0
Principles of 3D Printing 8
History of 3D Printing 8
Additive Manufacturing Basics 9
Modeling 14
Printing 15
Finishing 15
Major Technologies 18
Stereolithography 21
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 22
PolyJet Matrix 25
Selective Laser Sintering 27
Direct Metal Laser Sintering 28
Photopolymerization 31
Granular Materials Binding 31
Developing Technologies 32
Combining Additive Manufacturing with Other Technologies 35
Applications of 3D Printing 39
Rapid Prototyping 39
Rapid Manufacturing 40
Mass Customization 41
Mass Production 41
Domestic Uses 42
Practical Applications 43
Impact of 3D Printing on Commercial Manufacturing 43
Healthcare Industry 45
Customized Medicines 45
Human Organs 46
Prosthetics 47
Dental 47
Hearing 48
Food Industry 50
Electronics Industry 52
Construction Industry 53
Aerospace Industry 56
Automobile Industry 60
Military Applications 61
Education 62
Emerging Applications 63
3D Printers and Services 65
Commercial Printers 65
End-User Printers 65
3D Print-on-Demand Services 67
Market Potential of 3D Printing 68
Marketing Process for 3D Products 68
Advantages of 3D Printing 69
Increased part complexity 69
Digital design and manufacturing 69
Complexity is free 69
Instant production on a global scale 70
Waste reduction 70
Simplified Modeling 71
Customer Customization 72
Limitations of 3D Printing 72
3D Printing and Intellectual Property 73
Predictions for 3D Printing Market 75
TED Talks on 3D Printing 79
Major Players 81
Printer Manufacturers 81
3D Systems 81
Solidscape Corporation 81
envisionTEC 83
Print on Demand services 84
Shapeways 84
Kraftwurx 85
Scuplteo 86
MakerBot 87
Thingiverse 88
Cubify 88
FreshFiber 90
RepRap 90
Freedom of Creation 94
i.materialise 95
Stratasys 96
ZCorp 99
Appendix 100
Custom “Inks” Designed for 3D Printing 100
3D Systems
Freedom of Creation
Solidscape Corporation
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Global License -
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