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Chemical Industry Contacts Directory
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This is a comprehensive contact directory for the Global chemical industry. Perfect for marketing, lead generation, sales, business development, and competitive research, and more.

Includes contact information for 9,830 professionals in the chemical industry.
- Company name
- First and last name
- Job title
- Address
- Phone
- Email (for 1,089 records)
- Business description

This file is in excel format so can be sorted and exported for all of your marketing, lead generation, and business development needs.

Sample List of just SOME of the many companies listed in this directory:
6N Silicon Inc.
A/D Fire Protection Systems Inc.
A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast
AAA Pallet Co., Inc.
ABITEC Corporation
ABS Materials, Inc.
Accel Color Corporation
Accensi Pty Ltd.
Accessories Marketing, Inc.
Acetate Products Ltd.
Acquos Masterbatch Pty. Ltd.
Actagro LLC
ACTEGA Kelstar, Inc.
ACTEGA Kelstar, Inc.
Adhesive Applications Inc.
Adhesives Research, Inc.
Advanced Aromatics, L.P.
Advanced Chemistry & Technology, Inc.
Advanced Coatings International Ltd.
Advanced Composites Group Limited
Advanced Flexible Composites, Inc.
Advanced Lubrication Specialties, Inc.
Advanced Materials Group Inc.
Advanced Petrochemical Company
Advansa Sasa Polyester Sanayi A.S.
Advent Tool & Mold, Inc.
AeonClad Coatings, LLC
Aeropres Corporation
AGPRO NZ Limited
AgriBioTech, Inc.
Agrimax Limited
Agro BN Ltd.
Agro-100 Ltee
AGROPODNIK, Akciova Spolecnost, Jihlava
AGROPODNIK, Akciova Spolecnost, Jihlava
Agsco, Inc.
Air Products & Chemicals Inc.
Aither Chemicals, LLC
Akron Dispersions Inc.
Albaugh, Inc.
Albaugh, Inc.
Albert Trostel & Sons Company
Al-Coat Ltd.
Alderox, Inc.
Alexander Chemical Corporation
Alexium International Group Limited
Aluminates Chemical Industries Pty. Ltd.
Antaria Limited
China Green Agriculture, Inc.
China Growth Corp.
Converted Organics Inc.
Cook Composites and Polymers Co.
Holston Gases Inc
HTC Purenergy Inc.
HydraLogic Systems Inc.
Hydro-Dynamic Products Limited
IC Potash Corp.
IG Petrochemicals Ltd.
Igus GmbH
Indium Corporation
Indofil Industries Limited
Petro Andina Resources Ltd.
Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp.
Stonegate Agricom Ltd.
Storex Industries Corporation
Streamscape Minerals Inc.
Strydent Software Inc
Stuart Energy Systems Corp.
Syngenta Agro S.A.
Venus Laboratories, Inc.
Verasun Aurora Corp.

Pages: 1098
Published: February 2013
Publisher: Red Mountain Insights
ISBN: 978-1-62484-031-9
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