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Key Pharma Industry Trends
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The global pharmaceutical industry has enjoyed steady growth in recent years, despite a global economic downturn. But with patent expiries, stricter regulations, and U.S. healthcare reforms, the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly under pressure to maintain its steady revenue flow.

With the patent cliff hitting in 2014, many pharmaceutical companies are restructuring to reestablish their industry dominance. They are reinventing themselves through mergers and acquisitions, or are signing licensing deals in order to survive.

Real Publishing presents a study of key pharma industry trends. This report offers an analysis of the impact of those trends, and reforms and regulations, particularly in the U.S. and the EU.

Key Trends Explored:
- Generic drug manufacturers are gearing up to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the many patent expiries
- What trends are impacting the leading generic drug manufacturers such as Teva, Sandoz, and others
- What government regulations and policies will effect pharma company bottomlines in 2012 and beyond?
- How are pharma companies using mergers and acquisitions to maintain a competitive edge?
- What is the state of the current global pharmaceutical industry and where is it growing?
- Pharmerging countries contribute approximately half of growth, with China as third-largest market

This report is a perfect guide for your business development team, investors, market researchers, and management seeking to understand pharmaceutical market opportunities.

Pages: 83
Published: June 2013
Publisher: Red Mountain Insights
ISBN: 978-1-62484-009-8
Executive Summary 5
Global Pharmaceutical Industry 7
Current Market 7
Major Competitors 10
Major Drug Markets 11
Pharmaceuticals and Biologics 11
Challenge of Patent Expiries 12
Industry Forecast 13
Trends & Impacts in the Pharma Industry 16
Patent ‘Cliff’ 16
Challenges Facing the Generic Market 19
Cost-savings with Generics 22
Enforcing Prescription by INN 23
Providing Incentives for Pharmacists 24
Innovation in Existing Reference Pricing Systems 26
Relation between U.S. Healthcare Reform and Generic Uptake 27
Change Likely fopr U.S. Generics’ Market Entry 27
Tough Regulations in the EU 28
Innovation by Generic Producers 28
Impact of Price Cuts by Governments 30
Preference of Brand Loyalty 33
U.S. Healthcare Reforms Tough on Generic Companies 34
Emergence of ‘Pay-for-Delay’ Model 35
Trends in BRIC Countries 38
Overview 38
Impact of Population Boom 39
Favorable Exclusivity Requirements for Generics 40
Challenges to Patent Extensions for Branded Drugs 41
Role of Compulsory Licensing 42
Preference for Branded Generics 43
Strict Price Regulations and Strong Industry Competition 44
Limited Market Access for Foreign Players 45
Requirement of Improvement in Good Manufacturing Practices 46
Trends in Market Players 48
Teva – the Generic Market Leader 50
Acquisition Spree by Sandoz 52
Mylan Targeting Immature Markets 53
Strategies of Other Players 54
Key Players in BRIC Countries 55
Sanofi Set to Become Market Leader 58
Trends in Mergers & Acquisitions 59
Opportunity Trends 63
Patent ‘Cliff’ is a Big Opportunity for Generic Players 63
Glossary 67
Industry Players Mentioned:
Teva, the Generic Market Leader
Sandoz Acquisition Spree
Mylan Targeting Immature Markets
Sanofi Set to Become Market Leader
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