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USA Clean Technology Market Trends through 2018
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This research report analyzes the U.S. clean technology industry including forecasts through 2018. It is a useful resource for consulting firms, clean technology research organizations, investment firms, utilities, and government participants in clean tech fields.

This report features a section listing clean technology and renewable energy grant and loan programs, and includes a directory of up-and-comping clean technology companies.

Renewables are expected to make up one‐quarter of the global electricity mix as early as 2018. The United States remains a dominant global player in renewables and markets are trending upwards.

In 2013, renewable electricity capacity (potential) from sources like biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind accounted for more than a third – 34.9 percent –of new generating capacity in the U.S. Meanwhile, total installed operating capacity (actual) of renewables accounted for 16 percent.ii Excluding hydroelectric power sources, renewable energy generation climbed by 16% from the previous year, representing approximately 14% of overall production in 2013.

This report reveals that no matter the fuel source, without energy storage technology advancement, there is a limit to how effective renewable energy generation will be. Therefore we feel that there is large opportunity in the energy storage technology sector.

This research report analyzes the Clean Tech industry through a series of frameworks including a SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and a Porter's Five Forces analysis. Details includes industry definition, industry statistics, requirement for renewables in the U.S., industry value and volume analysis, industry segmentation, market and technology trends and much more.

The role of policies impacting the U.S. renewable energy industry plays a big part in the growth of this industry and a section is dedicated to the analysis of the policies that govern the U.S. renewable energy industry. We also look at the country's energy policy and it's relation to other oil‐producing countries.

An in‐depth forecast for the industry is included in this report. Outlook for the renewable energy industry in the U.S. is segmented into government and institutional outlook, outlook by industry value and volume, outlook by trade organizations, outlook by sectors such as marine and hydrokinetic, hydropower, solar power, wind power, biomass and ethanol, and others.

Pages: 168
Published: August 2014
Publisher: Red Mountain Insights
ISBN: 978-1-62484-035-7
U.S. Energy Market Projections
U.S. CleanTech Market
Industry Snapshot
Market Projections
Government and Institutional Outlook
DOE LPO Programs
DOE‐$10.5 Million in Lighting Grants
Energy Information Administration
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Electric Power Research Institute
Western Governor’s Association
University of California at Berkeley
25x’25 Vision
Industry Trade Associations Outlook
American Wind Energy Association
Solar Energy Industries Association
National Hydropower Association and Ocean Energy Council
Geothermal Energy Association
Biomass Coordinating Council and U.S. Combined Heat & Power Association
Renewable Fuels Association
Renewable Energy Policy in the United States
U.S. Budget and the Energy Sector
State Level Battle over Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy
Policy Resolutions to U.S. Energy Needs
Supply‐Side Resolutions
Demand‐Side Resolutions
U.S. Crude and Petroleum Oil Imports
Importance of the SPR
Resolving Cost Issues
Resolving Regulatory and Legal Issues in U.S. Energy Policy
Boosting Industry Performance through Government Programs
Industry Barriers
Electrical Grid Modernization
Lack of Infrastructure Investment
Distributed Generation
Competitive Disadvantage of Renewables
Utility Regulation and Renewable Energy Adoption
Renewable Projects Financing Difficulty
Nuclear Waste Disposal
Nuclear Energy Facing Competition from Gas and Coal
Industry Survey 2014 Results
Sector Outlooks
Wind Power Outlook
Solar Power Market Outlook
Photovoltaics (PV)
Concentrating Solar Power
Solar Water Heating
Regulatory Requirements to Boost the Solar Power Industry
67% Growth Scenario
Requirement for Solar Policies
Hydropower Market Outlook
Marine & Hydrokinetic Outlook
Geothermal Energy Market Outlook
Regulatory Requirements to Boost the Geothermal Energy Industry
Biomass Market Outlook
Biodiesel Market Outlook
Ethanol Market Outlook
Microgrids Market Outlook
Energy Storage Market Outlook
Energy Storage for DOD & IC Energy Security
Growth Opportunities in Clean Tech
Cleanweb Initiative
Cleantech Forum Europe
Energy Efficiency
Serious Business
Electrification of Vehicles
Growth of Green Buildings
Net Zero Energy Buildings
Bio‐Energy Market
Stationary Fuel Cells Market
Utilities Promoting Green Distributed Energy Assets
Regional Carbon Reduction
Energy Efficiency Emerging Trends
Vertical Farming
Clean Tech Investing Opportunities
CrowdFunding – Fundraising for Cleantech
Glide Cruisers
World Energy LLC
Zentric, Inc.
Green Power, Corp.
SWOT Analysis – U.S. Energy Industry
SWOT Analysis – U.S. Renewable Energy Industry
SWOT Analysis of Top 5 Renewable Technologies
Wind Power
Small Hydro
In‐depth Analysis derived from SWOT
PEST Analysis – U.S. Energy Industry
Political Features
Economic Features
Social Features
Technological Features
Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis – U.S. Energy Industry
Bargaining Power of Buyers
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Competitive Rivalry in the Industry
Threat of New Entrants
Threat of Substitutes
Companies to Watch
Agility Fuel Systems
Petra Systems
World Resources Institute
EO Energy Storage
Solar Roadways
Light Sail Energy
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