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Mobile Device Use in the Energy Industry
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According to eMarketer, by 2017 m-commerce sales are expected to easily exceed $100 billion and reach over $113 billion. Fueled by the launch of Apple's iPad and iPhone, along with the corresponding Android smartphone market explosion, the mass adoption of mobile devices is creating huge opportunities for energy companies to leverage mobile technology to boost profit and efficiencies.

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A full 91% of all U.S. citizens have at least one mobile device within reach 24 hours a day. Your customers, target market, vendors, and competition are increasingly relying on them for business-related tasks.

MCommerce has few global boundaries, with cellphone sales skyrocketing in once-untouchable markets like China. Companies can now reach, and sell to, markets that previously would require significant capital investment, infrastructure, and personnel to reach.

With cell phone and tablet prices decreasing, and their power and capabilities increasing, enterprises will undoubtedly be adopting mobile devices at an accelerated rate in the next 6-12 months. And your competition is adopting mobile technologies to reach your customers, and increase internal efficiencies at a staggering rate.

Mobile technology is much more than just the latest app downloaded to a smartphone or tablet; mobile is comprised of many technologies that are impacting everyday life and every vertical market in a variety of ways.

Is your company prepared to reach your customers who are using mobile devices? Is your organization taking advantage of the portability and capabilities of ipads, tablets and smartphones internally?

This report acts as your guide to understanding how to leverage the hardware and mcommerce capabilities of the global mobile market.

Pages: 117
Published: March 2015
Publisher: Red Mountain Insights
ISBN: 978-1-62484-001-2
Executive Summary

Introduction to Tablet PCs:
Types of Tablet PCs
Apple iPad
Microsoft Tablet PC
Linux Tablet
iPad versus Android Tablets

Tablet PC Usage Trends:
iPad Corporate Adoption
Google Tablet Use Survey
Complementing Tablet PCs with Cloud Computing

Making the Business Case for iPads:
The ultimate note taker
Laptop replacement
Better workflow
Small transition issues
Niche use
Instant-on capability
Development is playing catch up

iPads in the Energy Industry:
Improve Sales Calls
Reduce Expense of R&D Trials
Collect Information More Efficiently
Customer service
Resolve Issues Where They Occur
iPads and the Smart Grid

iPad Energy-related Apps:
ABB Energy Calculator
Association of Energy Engineers
American Petroleum Institute HD
Audit Verification Form (Propane Lines WV)
BioFuels (Production, Use and Trade)
Bosch Solar Friend
Building Energy Efficiency Evaluation (BE)
Clean Energy Hawaii STEM HD
Coal Electricity (US States)
Crude Petroleum Tracker (United Nations)
DTE Energy Mobile Outage Reporting
ecoInsight, Inc.
Energy Intelligence
Energy Market Price Forecast: Oil, Gas, Electricity Projections and Maps
Energy Markets: Oil, Gas, Coal, Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Nuclear
Emergency Follow-Up Form (Oil and Gas Service)
F Gas Log Sheet
Green Power Tracker and Analyzer
Greenhouse Gases - Climate Changes
Hart Energy Magazine
Heating Oil Invoice
HVAC Formulator
Green Product Finder
Injury and Illness Report for Oil/Gas Companies
Laboratory Waste Tag
LPG Delivery Daily Vehicle Report
LPG Service Daily Vehicle Report
LPG/Propane Delivery Receipt
MSA Sales/Service Form
Neptune Fuel Meter Tickets - Deluxe
Oil and Gas Delivery Vehicle Incident Report
Nuclear Electricity (US States)
Oil and Gas Home Delivery -Urgent Customer Form
Oil and Gas Sales and Service Order
Oil and Gas Service Interruption Form
The Oil and Gas Magazine
Personal Protective Equipment Inspection Checklist
Propane Customer Incident Report
Propane Service Installation Form
PTI Driver Vehicle Inspection Form
Refrigerant Gases Log Sheet
Refrigerant Tracking Form
Reliant Energy e-Sense
Reliant OutageAssist
Renewable Energy News HD
Shell Inside Energy
Siemens Building Technologies Download Center
Siemens EnergyRater
Siemens Explorer - EN global
Case Studies
General Electric (GE)
Noveda Technologies iPad App to Monitor Energy and Water Use
Siemens Energy
TXU Energy Customer Satisfaction App

What You Learn in this Report:
This report examines how mobile devices including Apple iPhone and iPads are affecting the efficiency and profitability of energy industry companies. It shares case studies of iPads being used by energy industry companies internally and through app development as a way to connect with customers, and includes profiles of 53 iPad and iPhone apps developed for the energy industry
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